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Benefits of Dancing

1.       Fantastic exercise:

Dancing is the most fun and exciting way to get your daily aerobic activity! You will put miles on our beautiful floating floor in what will seem like no time at all. People make complete physical make-overs through the art of dancing all the time.  Ballroom Dancing is very low impact on the joints so it is very safe and since you are learning something new all the time, you won’t even notice that you have built up a sweat at all. Beats the treadmill any day!


2.       Balance/Control/Coordination:

Have you ever felt clumsy or that your natural balance is slightly off kilter? Do you have two left feet? Ballroom dancing is a skill that teaches you how to posture yourself right, take controlled steps, and how to get back in touch with that long lost right foot! In our classes you will learn how to have a dance frame and how to use your feet properly, both will ultimately lead to better balance, control, and coordination.


3.       Meet New People:

Ballroom studios bring people who possibly never would have talked to each other before through a simple invitation to dance. All of our group classes switch partners so everyone has a chance to dance with everyone.  We  have something in common, we all love to dance!


4.       Feel New Confidence on the Dance Floor:

Have you ever said “no” when you were asked to dance?

Have you ever “chickened-out” when you wanted to ask dance but didn’t?

Remember how uncomfortable High School Dances were?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone!

It’s a fact that most people, with-out prior training, do not feel confident on a dance floor. This is a shame because often people don’t know what they are missing. There is nothing like hearing a good song at a wedding, on a cruise ship, on a date, out to dinner, or even in your kitchen and just cutting loose to the music.  Being able to dance opens up so many great opportunities to meet people, be romantic, have fun, and stay fit that it should be on everyone’s list of life skills.