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Our Staff

Ramon Soto

Ramon graduated from Arizona State University in 2005, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Choreography. His love for dance has led him to teach dance for different schools and programs throughout the state. He was also a contestant on the So You Think You Can Dance show and Dancing with the Stars Arizona. His dance styles include Ballroom, Latin, Hip Hop, Modern, and Ballet. In addition to dancing, Ramon likes to paint, play volleyball and spend time with his family and friends. 

Rosa Shaharazad

Rosa finished Arizona State University with a teaching degree and has taught belly dancing for many years. She lived in Egypt for several years where she studied from the masters of oriental dancing. Her students learn and perform Egyptian and Oriental Raqs Sharqi dances in the Southwest. Known for their authentic, modern and family-friendly performances, Rosa and her students pride themselves on providing the American public with a glimpse into the beauty of these colorful dances, as well as, providing Egyptians and Arabs, who are living abroad, with a piece of their culture. 

 Carlos Andree Soto

Carlos has been dancing for over 5 years and has competed in various Latin & Smooth dance competitions. He has studied music for over 10 years and graduated from The Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences where he studied sound engineering. Carlos is a passionate teacher, motivated by his desire to share the benefits and joys of dance with the world in the hopes that there will never be a shortage of people to dance with in the future.  He also spends his time playing soccer, riding motorcycles, collecting comic books and of course playing music.

Colleen O'Donnell

Colleen has been dancing all her life - she started with ballet at age 5, and has also studied modern dance, jazz, ballroom, country, Latin, belly dance, Bollywood, and other ethnic dance styles.  She is a professional belly dancer in the Valley and has performed with various troupes locally at festivals and cultural events.  She has been a fan of Zumba since she first discovered it in 2010, and hasn't stopped smiling since!  She is a licensed Zumba instructor, a lifelong yoga practitioner, and also teaches beginning belly dance.